First tattoo On Maui What To Expect

First tattoo On Maui What To Expect 3

What should you expect during your first tattoo session on Maui?

First, you have some key decisions to make. When you visit the studio for a consultation, you’ll most likely be asked about the type of tattoo you want. More so, you’ll have to decide what body part you want the tattoo.

If you already have an image of what you want, you can discuss it with your artist. If not, the tattoo artist may come up with one based on your explanation. Then both of you can discuss it and the artist will edit it until the image is precisely what you want. So, you may have a mockup of your desired tattoo on the spot in a few days.

The eventual outcome of the mockup will depend on several key things including:

  • How visible you want the tattoo placement to be
  • What body part you want to dedicate to the design
  • How well the colors you choose will appear on your skin tone
  • How much time do you intend to spend with the artist?

You’ll have to choose a style too. Here are some of the most popular styles to choose from:

  • Polynesian
  • Japanese
  • American Traditional Tattoo
  • Realism
  • Illustrative
  • Neo-traditional
  • Minimalism or geometric

What’s the first tattoo on Maui procedure like?

Here’s what to expect with your first tattoo on Maui:

  • Before the inking starts, the tattoo artists will wash their hands with antibacterial soap and water. Also, the artist will wear clean fresh gloves and maybe a surgical mask.
  • The body part you want the tattoo on will be washed with soap and water (and shaved if required). This will make it easier for the artist to stencil or draw the design on your skin.
  • Afterward, the skin area will be cleaned with an antiseptic or alcohol. Then a thin layer of ointment like petroleum jelly is applied.
  • Next, the tattoo artist will start drawing an outline of the tattoo using a tattoo machine with a sterile needle attached. Depending on the design and the desired effect, the artist may need to change needles.
  • During the process, any fluid or blood will be wiped off with a sterile, disposable cloth or gauze.
  • Once the inking is done, the skin area is cleaned all over again and a bandage is applied.

Does it hurt when getting a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo often hurts, however, the level of pain isn’t always the same. The level of pain you feel depends on your pain threshold. Sometimes, the pain can feel like tingling, scratching, stinging, or burning.

First tattoo On Maui What To Expect 2

Other things that determine the level of pain include the size and number of needles being used, the tattoo artist’s style (while some artists work slowly, others are quick, while some are gentler and more careful than others).

How long should you expect your first tattoo on Maui to heal?

Regardless of whether you’re having your first tattoo or not. It often takes about two weeks for an average tattoo to heal. Even after your tattoo is completely healed, wearing sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 is a good idea. The sunscreen will not only protect your skin but will also protect the tattoo from fading.