Polynesian Tattoo Near me on Maui: Facts to Consider

Types of Polynesian Tattoo Near me on Maui

Where can I get the best Polynesian tattoo near me on Maui and what type should I opt for?

Polynesian tattoos are some of the most unique and beautiful tattoos you can get. Famous for their beautiful patterns and unique designs, Polynesian tattoos are always remarkable and easy to identify.

To get the best Polynesian tattoo near you on Maui, you first have to find a local tattoo shop on the island. That said, here are some key things to consider when searching for the best local tattoo shop on Maui:

  • A comfortable and professional ambiance
  • Cleanliness and sterilization
  • Is the artist a good fit?
  • Portfolio
  • Solid reputation!

Types of Polynesian Tattoo Near me on MauiYou should read more about the top five things to look for in a local tattoo shop on Maui. Other key things to do to find the best Polynesian tattoo near you on Maui include:

  • Reading online reviews and considering word of mouth on the island
  • Carefully reviewing tattoo shops portfolio on Maui
  • Hygiene: How hygienic is the tattoo studio on Maui of your choice?

Learn more about how to find the best tattoo shop on Maui here. 

Polynesian Tattoo Near Me on Maui – Choosing a Style

Samoan tattoo

This Polynesian tattoo style is aboriginal to Samoa island. Samoan tattoo for women is known as malu. This design covers the leg from the upper thigh to the knees. The Samoan tattoo for men is known as pe’a. It is made up of complex geometrical patterns and it covers the body areas from knees to waist.

Hawaiian tattoo

This tattoo art known as Kakau is indigenous and sacred to the Hawaiian people. This Polynesian tattoo is typically used to indicate one’s social status. 

Maori tattoo

This tattoo is also known as Ta Moko. It is a type of facial tattoo art performed by Maori people in New Zealand. Maori tattoos showcase sophisticated spiral or round symbols and patterns with distinctive meanings. Each Maori tattoo tells stories about whoever is wearing them. Most often than not, Maori tattoos indicate status, power, and social rank.

Tahitian tattoos

This Polynesian tattoo is an aboriginal tattoo style to Tahiti – known as the largest island in French Polynesia. In fact, the English word tattoo was coined from the Tahitian word “tatau”. Tahitian tattoos indicate social status in their society. As such, there are strict policies regulating tattooing in the region.

Marquesan tattoo

This tattoo is also known as patutiki. It is a traditional tattoo design that stems from the Marquesas Islands. Just like Maori tattoos, Marquesan tattoos are full of spiral or rounded elements and share a more symbolic style.

Where should you place your Polynesian tattoo?

Once you make up your mind about the style of the Polynesian tattoo to get on Maui, the next step is to decide where to place it. You can place your Polynesian tattoo on any body part you wish. However, over the years, people seem to prefer to place Polynesian tattoos on certain body parts rather than others:

  • Head
  • Higher trunk (from the navel to the chest)
  • Stomach
  • Arms and shoulders
  • Thigh
  • Leg

Regardless of where you choose to place your ink, at Sweet Trade Tattoo, we make it a priority to help you get the most beautiful Polynesian tattoo on Maui. We understand that this type of tattoos require the utmost attention to detail. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!