Athena Angelic is the shop manager for Sweet Trade Tattoo. Athena is a full-time Animal Behavior Certified Dog Trainer and specializes in training fearful and aggressive dogs, but also trains family dogs in basic manners, trick training, and specialized Service Dog training. She started her business, Such Good Dogs, in 2009 and when she is not spending her time with dogs, Athena is in the shop helping clients and making sure everything continues to run smoothly.

Adam Considine

In 1996 Adam moved to Minneapolis to become an artist. There he began experimenting with the aesthetic choices of oil painting before coming to his current discipline, compositional oil painting.



Siobhan is a long time Maui resident, growing up on Maui since the age of 10. She loves Maui’s tight-knit community and loves to enjoy the beauty of the island. Siobhan has been making art since she first learned how to write her name, and dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist ever since she was little."