How To Get The Best Tattoo Aftercare On Maui

Tattoo Aftercare On Maui

Getting the best tattoo aftercare on Maui is as important as getting your ink from the right tattoo shop on the island. Without the right tattoo aftercare, the entire inking experience can easily become a negative one.

So, how exactly can you get the best tattoo aftercare on Maui? We are here to help!

Relevant tips for tattoo aftercare on Maui

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Pay attention to your tattoo artist’s advice

Tattoo aftercare will typically vary from one tattoo shop to the next. Sometimes, even within the same tattoo shop, artists may have various opinions about what the best tattoo aftercare is.

Tattoo Aftercare On MauiWash the tattoo after the recommended time

Your tattoo artist will most likely tell you when to remove the covering on your tattoo and wash it. Depending on the tattoo shop on Maui, chances are you’ll be advised to wash the tattoo with a mild liquid soap and lukewarm water. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask if your artist didn’t offer any advice about washing your tattoo. Washing at the right time is one of the most important aspects of tattoo aftercare on Maui.

Should you apply a moisturizing cream?

Your tattoo artist will recommend when and how to apply a moisturizing cream on your tattoo. Many tattoo artists usually recommend applying a thin layer of unscented moisturizing cream. More so, your tattoo artist will most likely tell you how often to repeat the cleaning process which is usually three to five times in a day.

Keep your tattoo clean and dry

Keeping your tattoo clean and dry is one of the best tattoo aftercare methods on Maui. Depending on the type of tattoo you have, your artist will most likely tell you how long to avoid soaking it in water. You should ask if they don’t recommend a time frame. Also, if the tattoo is inked on body parts where cloths may rub on it, you should cover it with a medical tape and clingfilm/gauze.

Avoid direct sunlight

The sun can have a severe impact on your skin. For example, healed tattoos, especially colored tattoos can fade easily when exposed to direct sunlight. So, once your tattoo is absolutely healed, cover it with a high SPF whenever you go out in the sun.

Tattoo Aftercare On Maui

How fast can you heal?

Healing times aren’t the same for everyone. Healing times often depends on the size of your design and how fast you heal. Generally, tattoo healing times could be anywhere from about a week for most simple, small lines designs, to a few months for complex larger designs. However, your tattoo aftercare on Maui is important regardless of the type and size of your design.

Avoid scratching your tattoo

One of the instructions you’ll get for your tattoo aftercare on Maui is to avoid scratching the tattoo. Once your tattoo starts healing, it may flake or scab sightly. You may feel like picking at it when that happens. If you do, the ink in that area may peel off and causes patches to fade or removed completely.

Once it starts itching, rather than scratch it, slap it gently. This may occur for the first few weeks or thereabout. If the itching continues for long and uncontrollably, and the tattoo keeps bleeding and red around the design, reach out to the tattoo shop on Maui right away or seek medical advice. Though infected tattoo isn’t common, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to tattoo aftercare on Maui.