The story of Maui

Below is an original art image created by Trevor Kennedy telling the story of Maui.

This is original art (made into our postcard) created by Trevor Kennedy.

This is the story of Maui.  Maui was a young man whose mother (Hina) was unable to get all her field work done during the day because the sun would pass over the sky too quickly.  As the story goes, Maui lassoed himself to a Koa tree on top of the volcano, then lassoed the sun.  He told the sun that he would only let him go if the sun agreed to slow down during the daylight hours, so that his mother was able to get all her work in the field completed.  The sun agreed to a compromise:  that the days would be long in the summer and short in the winter.  And so is the story of Maui.

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