Traditional Japanese Tattoo On Maui

Traditional Japanese tattoos on Maui are some of the most stylish and well-known tattoos on the island. Though traditional Japanese tattoos have existed for thousands of years, they are still relatively new to many tattoo enthusiasts.

Most Japanese tattoos are either traditional or modern illustrations of various Japanese mythical creatures. While some earlier designs of Japanese tattoos are associated with the Japanese mafia or Yakuza, many current designs are just fashionable and really stylish. More so, they have no connection whatsoever with the mafia or Yakuza.

Traditional Japanese tattoo on Maui

Today, traditional Japanese tattoo on Maui is a global phenomenon and they can be inked by anyone anywhere in the world. The best part is that you can easily find tattoo places near you on Maui to get the best traditional Japanese tattoo on Maui.

Colors in Traditional Japanese Tattoos on Maui

One of the key features you’ll notice in every traditional Japanese tattoo on Maui is the beautiful and striking colors. Almost all of the colors in any traditional Japanese tattoo on Maui have some sort of meaning. Here are the key colors and their meaning:

Traditional Japanese tattoo on Maui

Blue – the blue color in traditional Japanese tattoo on Maui symbolizes fertility, masculinity, and this color is often used in the design of the Koi fish tattoos. The blue color also indicates serenity and calmness.

Gold/Yellow – These colors symbolize strength prosperity, success, good luck, and wealth. These colors are often used in various tattoo designs such as Koi fish, phoenix, or dragon.

Black – black color in traditional Japanese tattoos depict masculinity or fatherhood. In some other cases, it can depict challenges, mourning, or one’s ability to rise above challenges. Also, black colors are usually associated with Japanese underground tattoo culture.

Traditional Japanese tattoo on Maui

Red – this is the color of happiness and joy in Japanese culture and tradition. The red color in the traditional Japanese tattoo on the island symbolizes power, motherhood, bravery, and love. Nonetheless, depending on the style and design of a Japanese tattoo, the red color can mean destruction, war, battle, or similar meaning.

White – White is the color of passing away or a new beginning in Japan. But depending on the design and style of the tattoo, white color can mean truth, purity, and innocence. White color depicts a new opportunity or a new start which is how death is often perceived in Japanese culture.

Tips to get the best from your traditional Japanese tattoo on Maui

Here are some relevant tips to help you get the most out of your traditional Japanese tattoo on the island:

  • Make sure your traditional Japanese tattoo on the island is rich in detail, bright, and unique.
  • Most traditional Japanese tattoos on Maui have big designs and they often take large body parts such as the lower and upper back, the chest, buttocks area, and the sleeve arm area.
  • As the name implies, your traditional Japanese tattoo must have a traditional theme, characters, and symbols from myths and legends.

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