Best Places For First Tattoo On Maui

Best Places For First Tattoo On Maui

The best places for getting your first tattoo on Maui are… professional tattoo shops! Tattoo shops such as the Sweet Trade Tattoo on Maui specialize in providing professional tattoo services specializing in Polynesian, Japanese & American Traditional Tattoo.

The inking process of tattoo often involves skin piercing and contact with blood. That means you could be at risk of certain skin infections or even diseases if you’re inked with contaminated tools. Your best bet for the best places for first tattoo on Maui is to choose a professional tattoo shop on the island.

How to choose the best places for first tattoo on Maui

Safety precautions

You’ll have to insist on certain safety precautions while searching for the best places for first tattoo on Maui. Here are key things to consider:

Which of the artists will handle your inking?

Many professional tattoo shops often have more than one tattoo artist. You should find out who will be responsible for your inking if you decide to have it done at a precise shop. Having a conversation with the artist is a good way to find out if they are the right fit.

Best Places For First Tattoo On Maui

Talk about the tattoo design you want to find out if the artist is willing to see things from your point of view. The artist will most likely share their ideas too. Check out how to find the right tattoo artist on Maui so you’ll know how to opt for the best.

Does the artist use the right equipment?

If you can, spend some time in the tattoo shop just to see how the artist work. Do they remove the needles and tubes from sealed packages before the tattoo process begins? What about trays, pigments and containers they are using, are they new too?

All of these may seem like things that won’t make any difference. The truth is they make a whole lot of difference and they are some of the safety precautions you shouldn’t take for granted. These are things you shouldn’t skip when you’re looking to find the best places for tattoo on Maui.

Does the tattoo artist wear glove?

As one of the key safety precautions, the tattoo artist should wear gloves. Before each procedure, professional tattoo artists wash their hands and wear a fresh pair of protective gloves. These are key things to look out for when you’re searching for the best places for first tattoo on Maui.

Do they sterilize non-disposable equipment?

The best places for first tattoo on Maui are shops that use a heat sterilization machine such as autoclave for sterilizing all non-disposable equipment. The sterilization must be done before using the same equipment for another customer.

However, things that can’t be sterilized with an autoclave such as sinks, tables, handles, etc. should be disinfected and wiped clean with sanitizers after each use. If you’re looking to get a Polynesian tattoo, read about how to find the best near you on Maui.

Take good care of your tattoo

How you care for your new tattoo depends on the type and extent of work done. Typically, however, you’ll need to:

  • Keep the tattooed skin clean.Use plain soap and water and a gentle touch. While showering, avoid direct streams of water on the newly tattooed skin. Pat — don’t rub — the area dry.
  • Use moisturizer.Apply a mild moisturizer to the tattooed skin several times a day.
  • Avoid sun exposure.Keep the tattooed area out of the sun for at least a few weeks.
  • Avoid swimming.Stay out of pools, hot tubs, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water while your tattoo is healing.
  • Choose clothing carefully.Don’t wear anything that might stick to the tattoo.
  • Allow up to 2 weeks for healing.Don’t pick at any scabs, which increases the risk of infection and can damage the design and cause scarring.