First Tattoo Tips For That Perfect Ink

First tattoo tips

Looking to get your first tattoo on Maui? The following first tattoo tips can help you get that perfect inked you’ve always imagined. First, you’ll have to choose the right design and choose the right artist to do the inking. You can learn about how to prepare for your first tattoo on the island here.

First tattoo tips for choosing the right design here on Maui

These tips can help you figure out the right tattoo designs to opt for:

Tattoos typically fade as your body ages. Small, highly detailed tattoos often take the worst hit. Fine lines often become thicker. Also, darker colors gradually fade and transform into less dominant colors.

If the design has a crisp edge, expect it to grow softer as you age. Generally, aging often has a more obvious effect on smaller tattoos with lots of details and tattoos with photo-realistic designs.

First tattoo tips

While considering your tattoo design, imagine it being extra-large. Another option is to take a smaller but significant part of a larger design and have that inked on your skin as your tattoo.

Since you’re going for your first tattoo design, odds are that you may prefer a simple design. Rather than adding too many elements to your design. You can limit it to just one secondary element and one key background element.

Don’t forget to include your favorite color in your preferred design or to opt for a design with your favorite color. You’d be glad to wake up to your favorite color inked on your skin every day.

Don’t rush to ink the design. You should consider discussing with your close friends who share similar tattoo passion like you do. Make sure you think about the design over and over again before making up your mind.

Even more, consider the future implication of the design you want. For example, if you intend to ink the name of your girlfriend on your arm, what happens when you guys break up? Go for another session to clean it up?

Tattoo styles to choose from

There are lots of tattoo styles to choose from. However, over the years, some styles have become more trendy, stylish, and fashionable than others. These styles include the following:

Realism – This tattoo design involves recreating subjects by using a technique known as shading and coloring to make them look as they are in reality.

American traditional tattoo – This tattoo is known for its clean black outlines and palette of primary colors. Several tattoos of rose or skull are in this category.

Neo-traditional – This tattoo style relies on color and shading to create a realistic sketch and indicates modern American imagery.

Minimalism – This tattoo style known as geometric and minimalistic style concentrates on sharp black lines which are all about accuracy.

Traditional Japanese – these tattoo styles are stimulated by traditional Japanese artwork which includes minimal shading and clean lines.

How to choose the right artist for your first tattoo

One of the easiest methods of picking the right tattoo artist is to check out their portfolio. Here are key things to look out for in a tattoo artist’s portfolio:

  • Are the tattoo colors solid and bright?
  • Can you spot versatility in the various designs?
  • Can you spot crisp clean lines in the tattoo?
  • How long has the artist been inking?
  • Can you spot the type of tattoo style you want in the portfolio?
  • Do you get along with the artist or feel disconnected?

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